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Thank You!

We thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous support of Hyde Hall. This list represents donations between Jan. 1 2023 and Dec 31 2023

1817 Society $10,000 0r More


The Scriven Foundation 

The Tianaderrah Foundation

The Gipson Family of Unadilla, NY

Founders' Circle $5000-$9,999

Mr. Bradbury Dyer III

Diane Gipson

Gates and Mary Ellen Hawn

Arthur Koenig

Van Broughton Ramsey and Robert Nelson

Halcyon Circle $1000-$4,999


Heinrich Bantli

Cameron Chardoul

Gaylord and Nicole Dillingham

Tom and Miriam Farmakis

Sherman and Anne Farnham

Suzanne Farnham

Melissa J. Hancock

M. Langhorne and Anne Keith

Harry and Ellen Levine

Anne Loretto

Kathy and Terry Meadows

Gus and Magda Mininberg

James and Nancy Northrup


Christopher T. Owen

Albert Pylinski, Jr.

James and Anne Rasin

Karen Schlather

Patricia Smith

Karen and Frederick Spaulding

Gilbert and Lin Vincent

Wellington Club $500-$999

Kim and Jack Alvarez

Charles A. Brothman

Golub Corporation (Price Chopper)

Gemma Hall

Van Zandt Hawn

Elizabeth Humes

Peter and Mary Ellen Kenny

Susan P. Liu

Joseph and Martha Membrino

Robert and Marilyn O'Neill

Kristen Oehlrich and Timothy Korytko

Gretchen S. Patterson

Sigrid Snell

Dora Stauffer

Century Club $100-$499

John Anagnost and Rita Emanuel

James and Dianne Bordley

Jay Cantor

Brian B. Chappell

Bruce and Judith Clark

John and Julia Curtis

Vivian and Otis Davis

Peter and Maria Deysenroth

Gary Dycus

Vicky W. Ellis

Catherine Lake Ellsworth

Frank Farmer and Frank Kolbert

Gail Freehafer

Suzan D. Friedlander

   and John Saphier

Richard and Anne Fuller

Abby Kreh Gibson

Steven and Chris Glazer

Stephen and Mercedes Gotwald

Audrey Gregory

Albert and Corine Guditis

Lewis and Lucy Hamilton

Robert and Patricia Hanft

Peter Hayes

Allison and W. Keyes Hill-Edgar

Charles Houghton

Lynne and Sam Humes

Bonnie and James Hyde

Charlotte K. Hyzer

C. R. and Susan Jones

Barbara Katz

Claire Kepner

Timothy and Rosemary Kinsella

Terry Lang

John Lawson

Priscilla Lawson

Dorothy J. Maffei

Amanda and George Mahoney

Alexander and Serena Martin

Maureen A. Martin

   and Timothy Ives

Grace Mascioli

David and Millie McCoy

Jason and Lisbeth McCoy

John I. Mesick

Jean Miller

David Mulligan

Anne and Skip Norman

John G. Oudin

Thomas H.C. Patterson, Sr.

Clare and James Raneri

Jean Robertson

Edward W. Rucker

 Veronica Gil Seaver

Senator James and Cindy Seward

Carl and Susan Stearns

Patricia B. Sternberg

Carol Taylor

 Evelyn Thode

Martin and Meg Tillapaugh

Eric Weckel

Caleb Wertenbaker

Tamara Wilson

Kenneth Witty and Katharine Muir

Martha Yager

Friends' Club

Don Allen

Katrina Cary

Rae Cohen

Andree Conklin

John A. Fillo

Kathleen and Walter Fleming

Tom and Shelley Graham

David Hislop

Debbie and Kerry Johnson

Richard C. King

Michael and Carole Lachance

Bryan Lavigne

Keith E. Letsche

Andrew and Melissa Marietta

Charles Matteson

Marianne and Greg Mukai

Donna Sawyer

Alexander Schloop

James and Judith Toner

Lucy M. Townsend

Gina Ulrich

Alfred Wettemann

Richard and Christine Witter

In Kind Donors

Pam Cooley

Cooperston Wine & Spirits

Best Wine & Spirits

Mark LaValley

Painted Goat Farm

J& J Wine & Liquor

Donors to the Hyde Hall Collection

Katherine and John Capperlla

Cameron Chardoul

Donald Cox

Bob and Nellie Gipson

Melissa Hancock

Jonathan Maney

David Rose

Richard Strunk

Anne Torry-Ballou

Steve Ziglar

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